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Me and My Blog

My name is Patrick Sullivan, I am a young man who’s passionate about kayaking and other similar water sports like canoeing. I started out enjoying these sports when I was a little kid, and my love for them has only grown with time.

All the amazing experiences I have had in the water by myself and with some of my closest friends have only increased my passion for the sport.

I love to talk about everything I enjoy, and kayaking is no exception. Eventually, I found that blogging could be a great way of sharing my experiences with the whole world and decided to get to it.

It has been a challenge some days, finding the right way to express what I have gone through and the learning moments I have had.

However, I have slowly perfected the art of sharing things that will prove useful for other kayaking enthusiasts and professionals. Nowadays my posts have started to flow easier, with the motivation provided by the positive feedback I get from all my readers. It’s rather gratifying to know that my posts are enjoyed by other kayak lovers.

Featured image Me and My Blog Just Kayak - Me and My Blog

Another thing I have enjoyed from writing my blog, is that I have found out that the kayaking community is larger than I thought. Many of my readers have invited me to join in their kayaking trips, becoming my friends in the process and gifting me with their knowledge to turn into more useful posts.

Each day, I look at my inbox and notice more and more people are subscribing to my blog, which keeps me thinking of different topics to talk about. I understand subscribers wish to see updates frequently and this is great motivation when I feel like there’s nothing more I can talk about.

I have a day job as a compensation and benefits technician, which has allowed me to elaborate on the advantages of kayaking. It has also allowed me to invest more in testing different gear and teaching others the basics of this sport because I have enough free time to dedicate to finding out what the best techniques are.

I am in no hurry to stop blogging, as I have come to love sharing my experiences and knowledge this way. I also feel a sense of responsibility to all my readers to keep Just Kayak going every day and keep meeting new people to go on kayaking trips with. I’m grateful for all the amazing opportunities given to me and my readers, through my blog.